Ed Brennan


I love taking pictures. I’ve been so many places where the images are stored only in my memory, that I decided to reactivate one of my old hobbies. I also enjoy allowing people to see themselves having fun or see something that they may not ever had the opportunity otherwise.

To explain this better: In 2005, I was asked to capture a few pictures of a church event that an elderly man could not attend. I shot a few hundred, loaded them to a disc and gave them to his son to print out. A few weeks later, his son relayed a message of thanks and that his father really enjoyed viewing them from his room in a nursing home. During 2006, the gentleman passed on. Upon my giving condolences to his son, he told me that his father often looked at the photos and was found looking at them when he peacefully departed. I was speechless! To be able to uplift one’s spirit doing something that I also enjoy is priceless to me.

Well after trying unsuccessfully for a few months to set up a host that would hold my photos for free, I broke down & rented this one.

Since it allows me to have unlimited storage & uploads, I will be taking advantage of my rental. So check back every so often to see what I have to show.

My goal is to make every picture better than the last one. I also like to highlight people having fun and hope that you may find these enjoyable.

I wanted a place where people could download the photos, and originally set this web page up that way. However after a very informative discussion with a friend of mine in the legal profession, I set up for copyright protection. This is to primarily protect the individuals in the photos from having their images become public domain & appear indiscriminately in other places.

The site also offers a printing service &/or photo gifts. Yes, I do get a kickback on the sales, but I’ve tried to set up the prices to cover just my commissions/expenses, taxes & other fees. Often people will ask me to provide a photo or two, or even a group. Sometimes to get these printed & delivered could be a major hassle.

This method allows people to view, pick & choose. You can also do limited adjustments/cropping on the photos that you want printed. Some will look good as larger photos, most will look fantastic as a 4x6. I tried to keep the prices affordable so that viewers would not need to “take a 2nd mortgage out” to purchase a few.

The galleries that I set up, will highlight people having fun at an event. I will try to capture everyone or as many I can to allow all to see themselves. If there are any out of focus, poor quality or images that may have questionable appearances/actions, I will not post them. If there are any images that may offend anyone, please use my email below so that we can resolve the issue.

The bottom line is that I am hoping that people will enjoy these as much as I did taking them. Your comments, positive or negative are always welcome. I place a lot of weight upon negative comments when they are accompanied by a positive suggestion. I call this “Constructive Criticism.”

Any questions, please feel free to email me at ed_brennan@hotmail.com

Thanks for viewing and sharing my fun with photography,

Ed Brennan

“Live long & prosper, success & happiness, make it better for the next generation.” --- Author, Ed Brennan, circa April, 1984

(When being assigned to a Combat Communication Squadron, the U.S. Air Force made us write our own epitaph. I thought of the one above, ironically STAR TREK, NEXT GENERATION came along 3 years later.)


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